Display Workflow overview of one object (Purchase Order) in another (Purchase Requisition)

By Arghadip Kar, IBM

We have regularly a requirement to display the Workflow overview of a particular document for example Purchase Requisition which is linked to the main document for which the Workflow is triggered. Here in this case we can take an example of purchase Order as the main document. Let’s first go to Transaction Code PFTC and create a new Workflow.

Create Container element PO which refers to BUS2012.

Create container element PR in workflow.

In order to obtain the PR from the PO we have create a virtual attribute PR that calculates the PR linked to a PO.

Lets us check the PR also

This is the PO on which we will do our testing. First check whether the PR is getting retrieved in the Business object.

Now let’s do the design on how to accomplish. There is a standard Business Object “SYSTEM” which has a Method GENERICINSTANTIATE.

In this method if we pass the Object Key and Business Object name we get the Object Instance.

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