SAP® Business Workflow

Inserting the logo in the Work item preview

To upload the logo:

1.      Go to transaction SMW0

2.      Select “Binary data for Web RFC applications”.

3.      Execute the transaction (No need to fill any values on the selection screen)    

4.      Click on “Create”. The following screen appears. Enter the “Obj. Name” and “Descriotion”.  

5.      Click on “import”. Select your company logo.

6.      Your entry is now available in the table control on the screen.  

Embedding this logo in the Work item preview 

1.      Create a workflow definition with a simple step “User decision”.

2.      Now in the step “User decision”, go to tab “Work item display”.

3.      Click on “Demo Function Modules”.  

The function modules shown above need to be used as a template for defining the  logo as per the requirement. Using the function module “SWL0_PREVIEW_DEMO_GIF_ONLY”, we can only display the logo of the company. Using “SWL0_PREVIEW_DEMO_TEXT_AND_GIF”, we can display both logo and our own text below the logo. The FM “SWL0_PREVIEW_DEMO_TEXT_ONLY” is used to display custom text only. For our demo purpose, we would use the FM “SWL0_PREVIEW_DEMO_TEXT_AND_GIF”.



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