Configuration of Leave request workflow for ESS/MSS


Click on Customizing (this is a short route instead of going through SPRO). 

Now navigate to “Specify Processing Processes for Types of Leave” as shown below: 


Following popup appears. Click on “Define Absences/Processing Processes”


Now double-click the leave request types for which we need to trigger the custom workflow. 


The following screen appears:

Now to have the workflow to process the leave request, check the check box as highlighted in the above screenshot. 

When the checkbox is highlighted, following fields appear: 


Here enter the custom workflow we have created earlier. 


Click on Save. 


To test the application, we need to create a leave request from the portal. Alternatively, we can use the transaction PTARQ to create a leave application. 

Click on “Test Application” in the transaction PTARQ.


Enter the Employee number (PERNR) and click on the tab “Create Request” 


Enter the Infotype number 2001, the sub-type (leave type), Date and other information as required.


Save your leave request. 

Tip: Please note that the work item generated by this workflow, for approving the leave request, cannot be directly executed from the SAP inbox. SAP issues the following message when we try to execute the work item from R/3 (Following is the only code in the method attached to the task): 



For testing purpose, you can use the function module PT_ARQ_REQUEST_EXECUTE to approve the leave request and to complete the work item. 


IM_REQUEST_ID is the unique leave request identifier (Document ID).  

Also read: "Tracking the Leave requests of an Employee with the status from Workflow"

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