Configuration of Leave request workflow for ESS/MSS

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni, YASH Technologies

Scenario: Need to customize the SAP leave request workflow for ESS application. 

Approach: Following are the activities that need to be performed to achieve the above requirement:

  1. Workflow part
  2. SPRO Configurations
  3. Testing from R/3 side

Workflow Part: 

Before you proceed with the leave application, ensure that the workflow settings are in place (Transaction SWU3). 

The standard workflow provided by SAP for the leave application is WS12300111. To customize this to our requirement, it is recommended to take a copy of the workflow instead of modifying the standard one. 

To copy the standard workflow, go to transaction PFTC. 


Select the task type “Workflow template” and enter the workflow number in the task number. Click on “Copy task”. 

Following popup appears. Click on “Copy task”


Assign the object to the required package and the request.  

Now open the custom workflow definition created above. 


Now go to Basic data à Agent assignment for task (see the screenshot below):


Select the task as “General task” 


Now ensure that the agent assignment for all the steps in the workflow is as per your requirement. If not, you can modify the same to meet your requirements.  (Please take a copy of the standard tasks as well, if they are to be modified). 

Configuration Settings: 

The configuration settings are to make the standard SAP leave application to trigger the custom workflow application for the leave requests instead of standard workflow. 

Please note that the configuration settings are covered only from a Workflow perspective and not elaborative. 

Go to transaction PTARQ. 

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