To instantiate any Business object in a Workflow


  1. Create a new activity type step and create a new task for this.


This task will just call method ‘DISPLAY’ of BO instantiated. The method takes some parameters as input but for our current scenario even if we don’t pass import parameter (non-mandatory) it will not be a problem. We are just checking runtime existence of Business Object. So we don’t have to worry about the binding between method and task. But in real scenario do create proper bindings to avoid any error. 

Also do not forget to make the task General task so that any one can execute. Also assign ‘Workflow Initiator’ as agent so that you can test in workflow builder. In real scenarios take care of agent assignment.                      


Now after we have created the task. Go back and then create binding between task and workflow. We just need to pass our Container element “MATERIAL’ to the task so that the task executes the method DISPLAY with the key ‘ZSHUKSWE20’ and displays the material.

  Save the step and activate the workflow.


If we execute the workflow we can check the BO getting instantiated and material getting displayed. 

Directly execute the workflow and check. Go to Business workplace and check. You can see the work item 


Execute the work item and then check 


So we can see the material ZSHUKSWE20 getting displayed which proves that the BO BUS1001006 was instantiated in workflow.  

This way we have seen how to instantiate a Business Object in our workflows. The same we can replicate elsewhere and can utilize already existing Business Objects in our workflows.

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