Passing a hyperlink in a Work item

By Sourav Roychowdhury, Capgemini India 

In this scenario, we will check how a hyperlink is passed in a work item text. It will appear as hyper link. When we click on the same, it will take you to the corresponding website. 

For the same we will prepare a simple Workflow for leave request. The workflow will have a user decision task step and following that email steps for confirming the approval/rejection of leave request. 

In the decision task text, the URL will be passed as hyper link. 


After saving the WF, click the Builder button. 


As we want to pass different text in the decision task, copy the standard task ‘TS00008267’ and create a new one. 

Before that let us create a WF container element to hold the value of URL and pass it to the task level. 



Lets us now create the new decision task. 

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