SAP® Business Workflow

Trigger Workflow from Messages

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni 

This document details about the procedure in triggering the workflows from a message (For e.g., error or warning message). 

For our demo purpose, let us consider the transaction ME21 (Create Purchase Order). Without entering any values on the screen, press ENTER. You would get the error message “Enter Purchasing Org.” (as shown below)


Now double-click on the message, to get the long text and the message details. 


Now click on the technical information. 


The above screenshot provides us with the message details (Message Class: ME) and Message Number 083. 

Now we need to create a workflow which needs to be triggered from this message. 

Go to transaction SWUY. Following wizard appears.


Click on “Continue”.


Enter the message details, as obtained earlier. Click on “Continue”.



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