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Forward a work item to your own currently logged in SAP ID


Process to forward this work item to self:

Now to make this possible, we need to run the function module:


This highly useful function module allows you to skip any previous checks and forward to any desired Agent / Approver, including self.

We need to enter the same work item ID for the user decision step 2733499. This we had entered previously in SWIA.

Pass the importing parameter PRECONDITIONS_CHECKED as “X”. This will ensure no conditions are checked!!!

In the TABLES parameter NEW_AGENTS, pass your own logged in SAP ID, like US-XXYYZZ.

This should be the same agent to whom you tried to forward via SWIA but it failed. So this will be the self logged in ID.

The function module screen will look as shown

Now execute the function module. We will see the function module returns the work item status as READY with the selected new agent

To verify that the WI forward worked as expected, we look at the workflow log – agents again

We can see now that the log does not say “No selected agents”, but is showing our own ID to which we forwarded the work item to.

Also note the e-mail like icon, indicates that the work item came as a forward.

In technical log, the step details also confirms that the Forward was a success

Checking in business work place SBWP, to verify with certainty that the work item did get forwarded successfully to own logged in ID

Conclusion: Thus we have successfully forwarded a dialog / foreground work item to own logged in ID even when standard transaction SWIA did not allow the administrator forward to self.

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