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Forward a work item to your own currently logged in SAP ID

By Anirban Bhattacharjee, KPIT Cummins and Infosystems

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how you can forward a work item to your own ID. This is not possible via the standard transaction SWIA. For example, if your SAP ID is XYZZ and you are logged into SAP via this ID, you would try to forward the work item to this same ID by running SWIA. This transaction you are executing from this ID itself. But SWIA will give you the prompt “You cannot choose yourself as an agent” and not allow this forward.


Business Scenario: Many times when testing various workflow developments, we need to forward a work item to our own ID for testing purposes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain our own ID in the Agent / Approver tables as they might need Customizing Transport Requests or other business constraints. Standard T-Code SWIA does not allow forwarding the work items to your own ID. On such situations we either need to forward the work item to some other test IDs or ask someone else to do it for us.

Not any more, as with this technique you can even forward any work item to yourself while you are logged in via that same SAP ID and be able to do your testing.

Process: The steps are very simple

·         We will take a work item and first try to forward it to the current logged in SAP ID (self ID) via T-Code SWIA. This will not work.

·         We will then use a special function module to forward this work item to our own logged in SAP ID.

Looking at a work item in the workflow log

Here the following foreground work item currently does not have any agents assigned to it.

We check the work item ID from the technical log

The work item ID for the user decision step is 2733499. We will now run transaction SWIA and enter this work item ID

Now we will select this row and try to forward it to the logged in ID via which this workflow is been tested and this transaction is being executed

SWIA gives the following prompt when I try to forward the work item to the current logged in ID via which SWIA is being executed and workflow being tested

The transaction SWIA prompts; “You cannot choose yourself as an agent” and does not allow the Administrator Forward.

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