Using the step "Form" in workflow

By Sai Kumar B, Enteg Infotech

In the need of input from the user other than mere clicking of accept and reject actions, we can use the Form Step in workflow. The form step presents the user a form (User interface) thus by enabling the workflow developer to capture the required input from the user. The form used here is just like classic Dynpro screen, which can be designed in Screen Painter (SE51).

To Begin with lets start with Workflow builder, SWDD. In this tutorial I was just showing how to include a form step inside a workflow.

  1. Right click on the activity and select create.

  1. Select the form step type.

  1. In the next screen provide Step Name and agent assignment
  2. Select the form type and action
  3. Then click on Create (Before clicking on Create make sure that you have declared a structure in container which can be used as the structure for the form / Screen you are going to include.

  1. If you have not created the structure, you can do so by double clicking the container.

  1. Then give name for the container element and type of the element, and if you are using this structure for changing of some values be sure to check export and import check boxes in properties tab.

  1. Coming back to the form step click on the create button.

  1. This will start a wizard, Click on continue

  1. Give your form a name and select the structure for which you are building the form .
  2. And click on continue.

  1. Then click on complete

  1. Save the object

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