Using the step "Form" in workflow

By Saumik Bhattacharya, Capgemini

Form is an important step type of workflow builder. We can use forms to enter data for processing in Business Workflow, or to display and edit data.

Using the Forms step type we can generate a form from the workflow system with a structure that is saved in workflow container. This form can be used for displaying and editing the form data. It can also contain additional control elements that can be used, for example, for the approval of form content.

 First of all we are creating a workflow container element in transaction code SWDD. You can use a form to display or edit data of a container element of the workflow container that refers to a structure.

The element should be of type reference to an ABAP dictionary.

Then we will insert the forms in workflow:

Here we have to insert form type and action. Action can be of four types:

For it you have to create a form so that you can attach it to the workflow. Click on create button:

 Here we are creating the form named Material info using the workflow container element Y_form_makt.

Now according to our requirement we are just using the material number & material description in the form layout.

For e.g. we are using the material number as input value and description field as output only.

We have also implemented the required changes in the flow logic of that form.

Finally we had attach two mail on approve and on reject.

After completing this, we will execute this workflow and will get the form:

We will go for approve this form and we will get description

And here is the approved mail:


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