Debugging SAP events


How to debug the event:

Now we will change the quantity of item, from 916 to 917 then press enter and start debugger(/h) as shown: 


It will come to the following screen there go in setting --> update debugging.

Note: Before switching on the debugger check that the default debugger should be classic debugger (check in SE38-->utilities-->debugging-->ABAP debugger) 

Now press execute, then it will come to following screen, there go in setting --> Breakpoint at --> Method. A pop-up will appear, in that give the class name as CL_SWF_EVT_STRATEGY_BOR_FB and in Method give process.

Now press execute.

Now from here press F5, then after coming to CASE me->process_mode, here change the mode manually as D (for debugging) as shown below.

Then execute, then we come to the our own created ZRECEIVERFM, where break point is set and Logic is written.


Thus we can analyze and debug the logic.

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