Debugging SAP events

By Saurabh Asthana, Infosys Technologies


This document explains how receiver Function module can be used as a Substitute of BAPIs and Exits in particular cases and how to debug those events, as general debugging method can not be used for them.  

This document is categorized into:


§         Events indicate the occurrence of a status change of a Business objects.

§         Events always belong to an object and are therefore described as definition components in the object type  

§         Events can have parameters & exceptions like methods

§         These events have listeners (outside the BO). E.g., workflow

§         We can create our own events also.

Procedure to create Events:

a) Position the cursor on the entry Events. And then press create

b) Now enter the following texts for the event to be created

C) Give Event, Name, Short description


§         Irrespective of whether you use uppercase and lowercase in the event name, the name is always entered in uppercase letters in the event receiver linkage table by the system.

§         The event has now been created and is available in the Business Object Repository.

§         You can now use this event in the other definition tools in SAP Business Workflow.

Position the cursor on the new event and choose Edit Change release status Object component to implement.

§         The object type must first be generated so that it can be instantiated and tested.  

About Receiver FM:

§         If we have a requirement like insertion of an entry in a table when material is changed in a sales order or we want some   functionality to happen when a purchase order or sales order is created, generally in such cases we look for BADIs and exist, these are called after the save events are triggered and we place our logic there.

But we can also have a separate approach in which we link the event to a function module through Transaction SWETYPV and the logic are written in the FM to satisfy the requirement.

§      Now if we want to Debug that code, just by putting the break point there, we cannot reach their directly

So for this purpose below mentioned method should be followed, this procedure is very useful and can be utilized wherever we want to debug the events.

 First go to transaction SWETYPV then new entries.  

Here on changed event we have written our logic in (This function module is created by copying standard receiver FM   SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT) and put the break-point there and this ZRECEIVERFM is linked with the event by using transaction SWETYPV.

Here object type Bus2032 is taken which is for sales order, as here we are taking the case where

In a sales order while changing the quantity, the change event is triggered and then we are linking this event to ZRECEIVERFM where we put our logic.  


 Now we go to our transaction code VA02(change sales order)


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