Tracing the events executed in a transaction

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

 In the article triggering events programmatically, we learned about triggering the events programmatically in our custom programs. But SAP has already provided with many events in almost all the standard SAP transactions like:

1.      When a material is created, a standard event is triggered

2.      When a Purchase Order is created, an event is triggered.

3.      When the status of a production order is changed, an event is triggered. 

We can link the events to either standard workflows or custom workflows to carry out our business requirements. Before linking the business workflows to events, we would need to trace the events that are triggered in a transaction. This document explains the procedure in tracing the events for the Material Master transaction (MM01). We would trace the events that are triggered when a Material is created using MM01. 

1.      Go to transaction SWELS. A pop-up screen as shown below would appear:

2.      Click on “Switch on”. The event trace would be on now.

3.      Keeping this event trace on, create a material using MM01.

4.      Now go to transaction SWELS and click on “Switch Off” to switch off the event trace.

5.      Go to transaction SWEL to get the list of events triggered during the Material creation.  

6.      Click on Execute.

The list of events that are triggered are shaded in green. A workflow object (shown in yellow) is also triggered as it is attached to the event CREATED belonging to the business object BUS1001006.


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