Using Document Template in Workflow

By Madhavi

This tutorial details about the usage of the step “Document from Template” in workflow. 

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to work with the documents (Word, Presentation, excel and others). Go to Transaction SWDD and create a new workflow definition. 

Before we go ahead and create a document template, we need to save the workflow definition. Save your workflow definition.  

Now select “Document templates” from the list as shown below (You can find this on the left side bottom of the screen)  


Click on “Double-click to create”


Click on “Change document class” and then select “Document” from the list provided (see the screenshot below):


The following screen appears:


Enter some text in the document: 


Save your document. 


After saving, go back to the main screen. You can observe the document template you just created, as shown below:


Now in your workflow definition, create a new step “Document from Template”: 


Enter the step name. 

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