Retrieving the Work item information for the deleted users

By Arghadip Kar, IBM India

The request can be that a particular User has been deleted from the SAP system as he is no more in the company and we need to retrieve the work item Ids that are present in the inbox. 

First approach check whether the user Id exist in system using SU01D.  



The corresponding User-id does not exist in the system. 

We generally used to ask the Security Team to activate the user Id to retrieve the workitem id, which is a long process and may be misleading to other users, as the user will be activated for sometime. 

Now go to transaction SE16 and enter the table name as SWWORGTASK. Here you need to give the User Id along with the Object Type (US) in the field ORG_OBJ as shown in the screenshot. 



Now as a monitoring tool we can also use transaction Code SWI2_ADM2 which retrieves the work item id assigned to deleted users. 


Now by picking up the entire work item Id’s we can either re-execute the rule for the work item provided some rule is used as the agent assignment step or in the task level shown in the screenshots. 


We can also use the work item Ids that are retrieved from SWI2_ADM2 transaction to track the users that are deleted and inform the concerned set of users. May be the user Id of a person has changed so we need to retrieve the work item id that was present in the previous user id to be forwarded to the new users id. 


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