Deadline Monitoring in SAP Workflow (Working with Requested Start)

By Ravi Aswani

In this tutorial, we would look into implementation of “Requested Start” in the step “User Decision”. This is common for the step “Activity” and others as well. 

Go to transaction SWDD and create a step User Decision. Click on the tab “Requested Start”.

For demo purpose, we would be choosing the Requested Start as 2 minutes from the work item creation.

Choose the “Work Item Creation” from the list box.

Choose an offset of 2 minutes. This means that the work item shall be created after 2 minutes.  

Save and activate the workflow definition.  Execute the workflow definition.

In SAP inbox, you can observe that the work item is not yet delivered.

Following is the status of the workflow instance. You can observe that the work item is in the status “Waiting”.

The status of the work item would convert to Ready after 2 minutes (as per the time mentioned in the Requested Start).


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