Deadline Monitoring in SAP Workflow (Working with Latest end)

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

A major advantage of workflow is the ability to monitor the workflow steps according to a predefined schedule. Following are different deadlines that can be monitored against each workflow step:

  • Requested Start

  • Latest Start

  • Requested End

  • Latest End

 In this example, we will define a deadline to the User Decision example created earlier (click here). Following is the screenshot of the application developed using the User Decision example:


We would extend this example to the deadline monitoring. 

In the User Decision step, click on the “latest end” tab.


By default, No deadline monitoring is active (as seen in the above screenshot). 

Choose the “Work Item Creation” from the list box.


After selecting “Work Item Creation”, chose an offset of 5 minutes. This means that the work item must be executed within 5 minutes of the creation, if not this would trigger.


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