Dynamic Parallel Processing in Workflow

By Punit Jhanwar, YASH Technologies

This blog is a step-by-step approach for using dynamic parallel processing in Workflow (For the concept of dynamic parallel processing, please click here). 

For our demo purpose, we have taken a simple example. A multiline element ‘Material’ is passed on to workflow and our step ‘Activity’ has to be executed n times (n denotes the number of materials in the multiline container element ‘Material’). In simple words, if 10 materials are passed to the workflow, then 10 work items are to be generated. Following is the step-by-step approach in achieving the same: 

1. Create workflow using the workflow builder. 


2. Create a Multiline container element for Material number .



3. Create a step ‘Activity’ in the workflow definition.



4. Click on the tab ‘Miscellaneous’.


In the field “Multiline Element”, click on F4 and select MATNR. 



5. Now go back to the tab ‘Control’.  From the list box, select ‘Create task’ 


Enter the abbreviation and name for the task.


6. Let us have the material number displayed in the work item text. For this, we need to create a container element for the Material (not a multiline element). 




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