SAP Workflow Customization Settings (How to do)

This document details the basic workflow customization that needs to be done in any SAP system before activating the workflow definitions.

Go to transaction SWU3. <For this demo, we have used an ECC 6.0 IDES system>

The description or the help for each of the above steps are available on the right side of the screen.

Configure RFC Destination

This can be done automatically or manually. If done automatically, as mentioned on the right side frame, the logical RFC destination WORKFLOW_LOCAL_XXX is created (if not available). XXX is the client number. Also the user WF-BATCH is also created if not already available.

The advantage of executing the above step manually is we can maintain another user and password as required.

Select the step “Configure RFC destination” and click on F9.

If you happen to get the following popup, click on Yes.  

Once the RFC destination, you can see the Green Tick mark beside “Configure RFC Destination” (as shown in the screenshot below)

Maintain Workflow System Administrator

Since the system being used for this demo is an IDES system, some user is maintained as workflow administrator. You can change this to the desired User using this step.

Select “Maintain Workflow System Administrator” and click on F8.

Now you can change the Userid to the desired one.

The steps “Maintain Active Plan Version”, “Classify Decision Task as General”, “Document Generation/Form Integration”, and “Maintain Time Units” are already in Green. If not in Green, select the corresponding step and click on F9. The automatic configuration would be done.

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