SAP® Business Workflow

Using "Container Operation" step

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

 Agenda: Usage of step “Container Operation”.

 Pre-requisites: It is assumed that the reader of this tutorial has worked in the concepts that are dealt in earlier tutorials. (click here for more details)

 Scenario: In this tutorial, we would deal about how to work with the step “Container Operation” with an example of calculating the available seats by subtracting occupied seats from the maximum seats at the workflow level. 


1.      Create a new workflow definition using the transaction SWDD.

2.      Create two container elements MaxSeats, Occ_Seats with the “import” property set. You can use the reference fields sflight-seatsmax, sflight-seatsocc for this.



3.      Create another container element AvailableSeats without setting either import or export property as this is calculated within the workflow and used within the workflow. You might use any of the above reference fields as data types.


4.      Define a new step “Container Operation” in the workflow definition by double-clicking on the “Undefined step”.


5.      In this step, we would calculate the available seats from the max seats and seats occupied.


I would recommend entering all the container elements from the F4 help instead of typing them manually. 

6.      Return to the main screen.


7.      Create a mail step after this to send the available seats information.


8.      Test the above functionality by passing some values to the maximum and the seats occupied.

9.      Result would be as follows:

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