SAP® Business Workflow Tutorial

Condition Step

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni


This document details about the steps “Condition”. 

Pre-requisites: It is assumed that the reader of this document has a preliminary understanding of workflow and has worked with the container elements earlier. If not, please go through the first two Tutorials of workflow available in this site. (More details) 


1.      Create a new workflow definition.

2.      Create a container element, CARRID (as demonstrated in tutorial 2).

3.      Now click on undefined step and create the step “Condition”.


4.      Enter the step name of your choice.

5.      We would have the following condition here:

If carrid = ‘AA’.

   Do this.


  Do this. 

Click on “Click here to create a new condition”. Following screen appears.

 Double click on “Carrid”. Next click on “=” and enter the value “AA” in the constant field and press ENTER. 

Enter the outcome names of your choice as shown above. 

Click on “Transfer and go to graphic”. 


As shown above, there are two branches here. One navigates to true, if CARRID = ‘AA’ else the control takes the branch “False”. 

Test the above scenario by inserting mail steps in the above 2 branches and by passing different CARRID values.

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