Demo on Workflow using Classes




If we do not need the method in our class, then we need only to carry out a “dummy” implementation (without further coding) to avoid program errors when the system calls the method.   




Now, the attributes need to be developed to implement above methods are as follows:  

To trigger the workflow using event of class, we must also create an event of the class. To do this, go to EVENTS tab, and there create a new event CREATED as shown below :  

Before implementing above methods, a local type needs to be created. To do this, click on LOCAL TYPES as shown below:  

Now write the below code :  

How to use Class in a Workflow  

Here, the workflow needs to be triggered as soon as a material is created. And then a workitem should go to initiator to edit the same material.  

Go to SWDD to create a new workflow.

Click on Basic Data Tab :  

Give an abbreviation and Short Description to workflow as follows :

Now click on START EVENTS tab and specify the following standard event of the standard class :

Now go back and right click in between the WORKFLOW STARTED and WORKFLOW COMPLETED.

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