Demo on Workflow using Classes

By Richa Gupta, Sparta Consulting


To develop workflow using OOPS concept instead of using standard Business Object.  

NOTE: Before following this document, one must have a basic knowledge of OOPS Concepts.

Steps to follow to use Classes in Workflow  


How to Create Custom Class  

Here we will be creating a custom class for MATERIAL.

Go to transaction SE24 and create a customized class.

Next the pop up appears where we need to mention the detail as follows: 

Save it and the class is created.

Now the class is to implement IF_WORKFLOW interface. For this go to the  tab and declare the IF_WORKFLOW as the interface there and press Enter; two sub-interfaces appear: BI_OBJECT and BI_PERSISTENT. Save the Class.

The ZCL_TEST class now contains the existing methods of IF_WORKFLOW interface.

Also, 2 new interfaces will be automatically added once you add IF_WORKFLOW interface in the class as shown below:

Each method of the IF_WORKFLOW Interface has its distinct functionality, which is discussed below.  


 Here, to create object, constructor of class needs to be implemented as follows:  

Here, SET_ATTRIBUTES method is called which will be implemented as follows :  

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