Delegate a Subtype to Supertype

By Richa Gupta, Sparta Consulting


When a workflow is created using a Business Object, then sometimes it is needed to customize the Business Object. In such a case, we need to delegate the customized Business Object to the original Business Object.

Steps for Delegation:

Go to SWO1 and create a subtype of supertype 'QMSM' by clicking on 'SUBTYPE' button:  


Specify the following details :  


Now the subtype will be created. Now to create a new method in subtype 'ZQMSM', click on METHODS and then click on create button:  

It will ask you if you want to create method with the help of some existing function module or not. Here, we will create it with the help of function module 'ZFI_GET_MANAGER'. So click on YES tab:  


Specify the function module name and you will get the following screen:  

Click on right arrow button until you get the following screen :


Click on method just created and follow the below menu path to release the same:  

Also, you need to implement and release the object type as a whole. To do the same, select object type and follow the below menu path:  

Now to delegate the subtype to supertype, go to initial screen of SWO1 and follow the below path:  

Go into change mode and select NEW ENTRIES tab to create a new entry :  

Specify the following details:  


Save the entry and assign it to a TR.

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