Archiving SAP Work items


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1.     Archiving data: Transaction SARA

Now once you have got the details of the object next step is to configure the system for archiving process. Let’s go a little bit in details. Transaction code is SARA. If you do not put any name in object you will get the following screen.  

As soon as you put the object name there you will get the changed screen. The other attribute it will collect from AOBJ transaction. For Example if we delete the name of the deleting program from AOBJ than Delete option will be removed from here also and if you put some new program name there it will appear here also.

The next screen would be

Before going ahead let’s check what are the dependent tables for the object. Click on DATABASE TABLES. Your screen will be  

If you see at the bottom than you will see the name of the tables from which data will be deleted after archiving.

Now if we want to check what are the tables and these tables are involved in which click on radio button Object for Tables and put the table name say JEST, on the bottom window you will get the number of object in which this table is used. Select it and press Show Tables Button you will get the name of the tables involve in this object.

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