Understanding "Advance with dialog" option of SAP Workflow


Let us test the scenario now:

Click on Test button as shown below from the Workflow Builder:

Since there aren’t any container elements defined, click on EXECUTE.

The moment you clicked on the Execute button, the first step (User Decision) is executed, you would see the following screen:

The work item has automatically started as the actual agent is same as the person who has executed this workflow.

Let us deactivate “Advance with dialog” for the first step:

Now repeat the execution as earlier. Now the work item is not opened for you automatically. You would get a message as shown below:

You can now find the work item in your SAP inbox.

Now go to your SAP Inbox (SBWP):

Execute the first work item by selecting any of the options:

As soon as the first work item is completed, you would notice that the next work item is automatically opened for you:

Now deactivate the option “Advance with dialog” for the second step as well. Now you would notice that the second work item isn’t opened automatically after the execution of first step. You need to refresh your inbox and then execute the work item manually.

Important note:

SAP has released a note (2046135) on 24th July 2014 related to preconditions for “Advance with dialog”.

The prerequisites for using this option are (all to be fulfilled):

  • The feature must be enabled within the workflow definition, both on header and step level. These are check boxes which are marked per default.

  • The dialog steps refer to synchronous tasks without terminating events.

  • The dialog steps do not consist of a desired start in the future.

  • The current user is selected agent for the dialog steps.

  • The UI technology must be ABAP Dynpro. Other UI technologies do not support this feature.

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