Consuming XI Web Service in Java WebDynpro application

By Kalyan Chakravarthy, Fujitsu Consulting India Ltd

Steps to configure the scenario:

Step1: Create a Synchronous Scenario (SOAP to RFC) and Generate WSDL in PI7.0

Step2: Import the WSDL in NWDS and Create Views in NWDS

Step3: Deploy the Java Web Dynpro in J2EE Engine.

Step4: Test the Scenario. 

Steps in detail:

Step1: Create a Scenario SOAP to RFC and Generate WSDL in PI7.0

When we send a Customer Number as Request to RFC it has to fetch the Customer Details as Response. 

Configure SLD as per the requirement and Import the BAPI in IR: BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2 

Create Data Types   

Create Message Types


Create Message Interface


Create Mappings for Request and Response



Create Interface Mapping


Save and Activate all the Objects in IR.

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