Simple Abode Interactive Form in Web Dynpro Java

By Srinivasa Rao Errabilli, Xeca International for IT 

This Blog is a Guide to create a Simple Abobe Interactive Form (AIF) in Web dynpro Java.

Basic Knowledge required: Web Dynpro Java


§  Application Server  is running

§  Adobe Document Services Configured

Following are Installed on Local Machine

§  NWDS ( IDE )

§  Adobe Reader

§  Life cycle Designer

Overview for Creating the Application:

v  Create a Web Dynpro Project

v  Create a Value Node and Value Attribute (Type: Binary)

v  Insert InteractiveForm UI Element, change its properties :

o    Datasource : Value Node

o    Pdfsource  : Value attribute

v  Edit the InteractiveForm UI element

v  Deploy and run the application.

Step by Step procedure:

Create a Web Dynpro Project

Create a Web Dynpro Component

Delete DefaultTextView UI element

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