Enable/Disable & Show/Hide UI Elements in Web Dynpro Java

By Sharma KVBK 

Scenario: Enabling/Disabling and Showing/Hiding the UI elements during runtime (as shown below).


Step 1. Creating a Web dynpro project. 


  • Open NWDS
  • Open Web Dynpro explorer.
  • File->New->Web Dynpro project
  • Give the name of the project as ‘Enable_Disable_Show_Hide_UI_Elements’.


Step 2. Creating a Web Dynpro Component. 

Create a Web Dynpro component in a package.  



Confirm by choosing finish.

Save the changes by clicking on save all metadata  on the application tool bar. 

Step 3.     Creating Context Elements. 

Edit the context of the view ‘MainView’.

Create the following attributes in the context of the view ‘MainView‘:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Joining
  • Enablekey
  • Showkey
  • Booleankey
  • Visibilitykey

Booleankey should be of Data Type Boolean, Visibilitykey of type UI Element data type Visible. 



Confirm by choosing finish.

Select the context attribute and switch to the properties tab of it. 




Choose Visibility property for visibility attribute as shown above.

Press OK to continue.

Save the changes by clicking on save all metadata  on the application tool bar. 

Step 4.  Data Binding on the Main view 

Choose the layout tab of the view ‘MainView’.

By right Clicking on RootUIElementContainer select Insert Child and Create two groups one for the Enable/disable UIelements and the other for Show/Hide the UI Elements. 

Create two Radio Buttons by Inserting Child in Each Group.

Each of The Group is separated by Bread Crumb.

Right Click on Group and click Apply template.

Choose form. 



Choose DateofBirth, DateofJoining, FirstName, LastName and Click next. 


Confirm by choosing finish.

Finally the View Will be as shown below:  


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