Reading Component controller’s context node from view without mapping in Web Dynpro for ABAP

By Suman Kumar Chinnam, Yash Technologies


We usually create mapping between the view context and Controller context for data flow. Some times we may require getting controller context node with out mapping to the view especially when we create a dynamic controller context node.

Create Web Dynpro component

Create Web Dynpro component and named it as Z_READ_CONTROLLER_CONTEXT and also create component usage for ALV.

Create Controller context node

First create a controller context node with attributes and fill the node with data as shown below.


Now fill the node with data from table.   

Go to layout of view and insert view container element and named it as VCU_ALV.

Get the Controller context node from View

 Here I am not creating view context node as well as mapping the controller context node. Write the below logic in the View to read the controller context node.

Go to window of the component and embed the interface view TABLE.

Create application to test the component.  


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