E-Mail with Multiple Attachments (Using Web Dynpro for ABAP)

By Sakthivelan .T and Thrinath Kumar .T, Kaavian Systems


There are many ways you can send mail through SAP. Here is a tutorial for you to understand how to send mail with single or multiple attachments in WEB dynpro ABAP. Little knowledge in using Modal view controller concept is necessary for this.



Create a new Web dynpro application using SE80 give it a valid name and a description.


Create a view named main.


Go to layout tab and create necessary UI elements as shown below.


Go to component controller and create the following nodes and attributes.

Data type is as follows.

To                    SO_UNX_ADR

Email               SO_UNX_ADR

Subject                        string

File                  string

Type                 char3

Source                         xstring

Remember the cardinality of the node IT should be 1...N. Rest of the nodes can have 1...1 cardinality.


Map all the nodes that are created in the component controller to the context of the view main.


Bind value property of inputfield  TO” with email attribute of the node mail. Similarly do the same for inputfield “subject” with subject attribute of node email.



Create another view named attachment with the UI elements as follows.

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