Uploading excel file using WebDynpro for ABAP

By Twinkal Patel, YASH Technologies 

Scenario: To upload an excel file using WebDynpro Application.


1.       Go to transaction SE80.

2.        Select “WebDynpro Comp./Intf” from the list.

3.       Create a new WebDynpro component by the name ZEXCEL_UPLOAD.

4.       Double-click on the View. Select Context Tab.

5.       Create an attribute as shown below.

6.      Create a node as shown below:

7.   Create attributes for the DATA_TAB node like below.

8. Double click on View. We would be designing the screen of our application with the following elements:

  1. File Upload
  2. Button
  3. Table 

Insert Element FILE_UPLOAD for Uploading File.

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