Building Tree structure in WebDynpro application and Calling another WebDynpro application on clicking the nodes

By Twinkal Patel, YASH Technologies


Calling a Web Dynpro application from another Web Dynpro application. The links to other Web Dynpro applications are displayed in the form of TREE structure.

Steps :

1.       Go to transaction SE80.

2.       Select “WebDynpro Comp./Intf” from the list.

3.       Create a new WebDynpro component by the name ZTEMPLATE_APP.

4.       Double-click on the View. Select Context Tab.

5.       Create a NODE as shown below.

6.      Create an attribute TEXT1 as shown below:

7.   Create an attribute HEADING for the NODE1 node like below.

8. Double click on View. We would be designing the screen of our application with the following elements:

  1. GROUP
  2. TRAY
  3. TREE
  5. IFRAME 
  6. IMAGE

Insert Element GROUP in the view by right clicking. Here name of the group element is given as BODY.

Set element BODY’s Property as below:

Layout : MatrixLayout , height : 270px , width : 870px.

9.  Right click on Group element and create one another element TRAY.

Set element Tray’s Property as below:

Layout Data: MatrixHeadData , height : 500px , width : 90px. 

10. Right click on TRAY element and insert an element TREE as shown below.

11. Right click on TREE element and select insert node type.


12. Now select Tree Item Type


You can set its text property by double clicking on it.

13. Bind DATASOURCE property of TREE with TREETYPE node.

Create an action on_sales for TreeItemType Sales.

14. Insert an Element TREE1 by right clicking on TRAY element.


15. Now right click on TREE! And create one tree item type as below. 

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