Calling Transaction Codes through Web Dynpro Application

By Jeyanthi Ramamoorthy , Robert Bosch


ITS (Internet Transaction Server) is the interface between the Internet and R/3. and It is a  runtime engine that links Web server to the R/3 Application server. 

To call transaction code through Webdynpro application, we need to follow the below steps as mentioned below.

Step 1:  Go to Tcode SE80 ->Utilitities->Settings-> Internet Transaction Server->Select Integrated ITS as below.

Step 2: Go to Tcode SE80-> Choose Internet Services from the first dropdown->Enter SYSTEM in the Input field as mentioned below

Step 3: Right click on “SYSTEM” in the tree and select “Publish” –> “Complete Service” to publish the service.

Once the publishing is completed the system will issue a success message “Object published successfully; site INTERNAL”.

Step 4:  Repeat the steps 2 and 3 again to publish “SHUFFLER” and “WEBGUI” internet services.


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