Creating static table with 5 empty rows in interactive form using Web Dynpro ABAP

By Phani Diwakar, YASH Technologies

Scenario: One of my client requirements is to create table with 5 empty rows (Static table) in interactive form using Web Dynpro ABAP. To achieve this, in WDDOINIT method created 5 empty rows in internal table and is bound to Node.  

Step1: Go to SE80 and create Web Dynpro component ZTEST_TABLE as shown.  


Press enter. The following screen appears.  


Press ‘Yes’ and provide description.  

Step2: In the view MAIN , go to context tab,

Create node ADOBE.

Under the node ADOBE create node Material as shown.  


Click on ‘Add Attribute from Structure’. Then you will get the following screen:  

Click ‘OK’ button.  

Step3: In WDDOINIT method, write the following code. To display static table in adobe form, we need to append empty rows to internal table and bind it to node.  

Step4: Now in layout tab,

Create interactive form element as shown.  


Click on ‘OK’ button.

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