Sorting a table column in a WebDynpro application

By Swarna Ramya R, Wipro


Most of us are familiar with the Table UI element and when we create a normal table and bind it to the context node, the data is not complex or confusing. But sometimes the tables may have more number of columns with numerical values. So to make better sense of the values, most of the customers prefer to have sorting at the column level. Initially the sorting may seem to be a complex process. WebDynpro ABAP has provided us a table handler to carry out the sorting functionality. 


1. Create one Webdynpro Component with name ZWA_TABLE_SORT. 

2. In the View Layout , Right click the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER and give Insert Element. It will open a Pop-Up for Creating an Element. 

3. Enter Table in the Name Field and Select Table in the Type Field and Press Enter. 


4. Go to the Context Tab, Right Click the Context and Select Create à Node. 

5. Give the Node Name as MARA with Dictionary Structure MARA with Cardinality 0..n and Press             ‘Add Attribute from Structure ‘. 


6. Select the Component MATNR, MTART, MATKL, and MEINS and Press Enter. 


7. In the Text Field of the Table Caption Properties, Give Material Details. 


8. Right Click the TABLE and Select Create Binding. It will open a Popup for Creating Context Binding. 

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