WebDynpro for ABAPTM

Building a simple application

Scenario: To create and run a simple WebDynpro Application. We would accept an input value from the user on first screen and display the value entered on the second screen.

Note: Please refer to the SAP® help for detailed information of the components used in this document. 


1.      Go to transaction SE80. Please note that there is no separate transaction for creation of WebDynpro application other than SE80. 

2.      Select “WebDynpro Comp./Intf” from the list (as shown below)


3.      Create a new WebDynpro component by the name ZSAPTECHNICAL_DEMO. 

 Assign it to the local object. 

4.      Right click on the WebDynpro component “ZSAPTECHNICAL_DEMO” and create a view.





Save the application 

5.      Double-click on the COMPONENTCONTROLLER. 

6.      Check if the application is in change mode. 

7.      Create a node as shown below:


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