Integrating WD with Microsoft Sharepoint

By Satya Pujahari, HCL 

1. Open the Fold or location in the Share Point where you want to put the link to your Webdynpro Applications.

2. Go to the Site Actions dropdown and choose Create. 3. Choose the Web Part Page from Web Pages Sections. 4. Choose the Name, Layout and Save Location and click Create button.

5. Click on Add a Web Part.

6. One pop-up’ll come out where we have to choose Page Viewer Web Part radio button and click on Add.

7. Click on the open the tool pane link for set the URL.

8. In the right hand side of the page we have to specify the link of the WD Application. And Apply and OK.

9. Then the WD Application page is coming on Page Viewer Web Part section.

10. Then you can go to the specific folder where you can find the link the application. Now you can play with your application but according to the functionality.

11. Click on the link and you can see the UI screen of the WD Application.


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