Service call in WebDynpro application

By Somu shekar, Microexcel

What’s the use of service call?

Using service call we can get the data from data base using a remote enabled function module and show in the internet browser using a webdynpro application.

Steps for creating a webdynpro application using service call.

Step 1

Create a custom table in the data base with the required fields.

Step 2

Create a Remote Enabled Function module and write the code to get the data from the custom table created.

Step 3

Create a Webdynpro component with a window and a view

Step 4

Right click on the component and create a Service call as follows.

Just click on continue

Select the Use existent Controller radio button and give the component controller name in the box provided and click on continue.

Select the service type as function module and click on continue.

Give the function module name created in step 2 and click on continue.


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