Opening SAP Transaction Code in SAP GUI Window from WebDynpro through URL (Transactional iView) (Web Dynpro for ABAP)

By Siddharth Samal & Anuradha Velma (Capgemini Canada)


It is assumed that the reader of this article has some knowledge in WebDynpro and has a basic knowledge of Portal.  


The Requirement is to open a SAP Transaction code from WebDynpro, and skip the first screen. The T-code should open in a SAP GUI Window and not in a Portal View.  


We have to create a Transaction iView using Portal and use the URL to call SAP Transaction code from WebDynpro in a SAP GUI Window.  

To create Transaction iView:  

  1. Go to Content Administration à Portal Content.
  2. To create new iView, on the selected folder, Right clicks and select new à iView  

  1. Select the radio button iView template and press Next in the following screen, to create an iView from an existing iView template (Transaction iView)  

  1. Select the SAP Transaction iView button and continue with Next  

  1. Give the following properties and continue with Next button.  

  1. Select SAP GUI for Windows and continue with Next  

  1. Select the appropriate system alias (Portal System)

      Give the SAP Transaction code à IW33

      Technique to Start SAP GUI for Windows: à SAP shortcut File

Hint: Trick to Open the GUI in a Separate Window use Shortcut Radio Button else the T-Code

         Would open in a new Portal Screen  

  1. The transaction iView for the given Transaction is created. Click Finish.  

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