Using the view created in one Web Dynpro component as a pop-up view in another component

By Arti Thakur, TCS

Problem: The scenario is about using the view in one component as a pop-up view in another component. This way existing view can be re-used in another component without creating newer one.

In SAP initial screen, use transaction SE80 to open object navigator.

Create new web Dynpro component.

Web Dynpro component ztest_c1 is created with window name window_c1 and view_c1.

Saving component ‘ztest_c1’ it as  local object

Open the layout tab of view ‘view_c1’  

Insert label lbl1  

Similarly insert label lbl2 and input fields inp1 and inp2 and enter ‘text’ and ‘label for’ both the labels lbl1 and lbl2.

In the context tab, create node named as ‘node’

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