Demonstration of Table Popin in Web Dynpro

By Keshav Saxena, Yash Technologies

Prerequisite: Basic functionalities in Web Dynpro.  

Purpose: In this application user will select the Carrid and search the flight details as per the selected Carrid. Results will be displayed in the table with a table popin containing seat details.  

Step 1: Create a WebDynpro component with Window1 and View as shown.  


Step 2: Go to Component controller and create one node ‘CARRID’ of type Sflight. Click on ‘Add From Structure’ and add Carrid to it. Keep Cardinality as 1:1.  



Step 3: Create one more node ‘SFLIGHT’ of type Sflight with cardinality 0:n. Click on ‘Add From Structure’ and add fields from Carrid to SEATSOCC.  


Step 4 (More attention required): Click on Sflight node. Go to its properties and delete the structure name (Sflight) from Dictionary Structure property.


Step 5: Add one more attribute ‘Table_popin’ to node Sflight of type string.



Step 6: Go to view context and perform Context mapping of both the nodes.  

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