Using Progress indicator UI Element at Table Control (Web Dynpro for ABAP)

By Sangeeth Paul, Microexcel

Scenario: In this example, input will be a date field and material number. Depending on the selection criteria, the output table will be filled. Output shows, to which customer, what quantity of material has to be sold. According to the quantity to be sold, the progress indicator is displayed against each Sold-To customer.  


1)       Create Web-DynPro component with name ZSALES_ORDERS


2)       Create a view for this component.


3)       Go to view and design the layout and add a label and input field for Date.


4)       Similarly add an input field for Date. After adding input field, click on label and assign the labelFor property with value as input field.


In the same way, create one label and input field for material.

After this, the layout should look like:

5)       Create a button to fetch data to display.

On the property text, fill value as ‘Get Data’. And create an action for this button by clicking the highlighted button below.


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