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Define Main page and Edit page in OVP Floor plan manager

By Rakesh Dhudipala


Below document explains how to create main page and Edit page in FPM.  


ABAP objects and ABAP WebDynpro.  

Step by step Procedure:  

Go to SE24 create a class called ZCL_TEST_FORM and implement the below interfaces.  

Go to Methods tab IF_FPM_GUIBB_FORM~GET_DATA method write the below logic

METHOD if_fpm_guibb_form~get_data.

    <ls_action_usage> LIKE LINE OF ct_action_usage,
    <ls_field_usage> LIKE LINE OF ct_field_usage.

  IF IV_edit_mode = 'R'.
    LOOP AT ct_field_usage ASSIGNING <ls_field_usage>.
      <ls_field_usage>-read_only = 'X'.
       <ls_field_usage>-enabled  = space.
    LOOP AT ct_field_usage ASSIGNING <ls_field_usage>.
      <ls_field_usage>-read_only = space.
       <ls_field_usage>-enabled  = 'X'.
  ev_field_usage_changed = abap_true.


Declare following types in the class

  types :BEGIN OF ty_cust,
         kunnr TYPE kunnr,
         land1 TYPE land1,
         name1 TYPE name1,
         name2 TYPE name2,
         END OF ty_cust.
  data :GS_CUST type TY_CUST,
        gt_result TYPE TABLE OF ty_cust.  

Go to IF_FPM_GUIBB_FORM~GET_DEFINITION method write the below code  



Go to SE80 transaction create WebDynpro component called ZTEST_OVP.  


Go to Implemented interfaces and implement the below interface.

Create Webdynpro application ZTEST_OVP and in the properties tab add below

Right click on application and go to Create/Change Configuration  


Enter the configuration id ZTEST_OPV_TEST  

Click on new button  

Click on assign configuration name and save under local object  

It will take you into the Main page(Main page automatically creates via configuration)  

In the main page define the form component

Enter below values in the UIBB section

Click here to continue...

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