Displaying an image or logo in Web Dynpro application without using MIME object

By Rajneesh Balodi, Infosys Technologies

For displaying an image/logo in Web Dynpro application, usually a MIME object is created where a image is uploaded from a legacy.

But what if an image or logo is stored in document server (Transaction SE78) or what if the image is required to be fetched from R3??

In simple words this article will help in displaying an image from SE78 transaction to the Web Dynpro application.  

The 6 steps in the whole process are described below. Code mentioned in step 2-5 needs to be provided in WDDOINIT method of view.

1. Create a Web dynpro component ZTEST1.

Create a view FIRST_VIEW for a Web Dynpro component. Insert a image element 'IMAGE' in view layout.


Create an attribute IMAGE_URL of type STRING in view context.  


Assign the above created attribute to the SOURCE property of IMAGE element 


Create a window ZTEST1 for Web Dynpro component and drag the view inside the window.

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