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Instantiating the Used ABAP Web Dynpro

By Sravanthi

This tutorial explains about the purpose of Instantiate used component, External context mapping Faceless component and Cross component programming in ABAP Web dynpro.

Steps for implementing the scenario: In this we need to create two different components, 1-window and 1-view.

Components are of two types.

1)     Faceless Component(Component without screen only logic is implemented). In this scenario Zdemo_comp1 is Faceless Component.

2)     Visual  Component(Component Contains both screens & logic). Zdemo_comp2 is  Visual Component.

Pre-requisites to transfer data from one component to another component following options are used.

1) Interface Controller 2) Interface node (Input element property) 3) External context mapping

Note: Whenever there is External Context Mapping than the Instantiate used component method is used.

Go to SE80.

First create the component1 à Zdemo_comp1

Go to component controllerà Context àRight Clickà create node.

To make node as interface node change the properties as shown below.

Interface Node: Yes

Input Element: Yes  

Dictionary Structure: VBAK

Cardinality: 0 to n.

Click on Add attribute from structure à select the required fields.

The node is interface node is now available in the interface controller.

In the component controller à Methods à Create Execute method and make it as interface node.

Now go to interface controller  à Context tab à tab node is visible.

The method and node which as been changed as interface will be seen in the interface controller.

Note:  Methods and nodes for interface controller cannot be created with in the interface controller. Must be created in component controller and

Create  the method type as interface and for the node àIn the properties change it as Interface node as YES and input element as YES.

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