Web Dynpro Application to update the Communication details of the employee into HR Infotype 105


Step 8:

Right click on the node -> Create -> Attributes to create attributes under the node.

Give the proper TYPE for the attributes from the respective infotype table Fields. In case of this example get the data types from the table PA0105( Communication Infotype ).

Attributes and their respective types used here are:






Step 9:

Go to MAIN window and Click on the context tab and click and drag the node from the Context component controller to Context MAIN.

Now it will appear like this in Context main.

Step 10:

Now go to Layout tab of the MAIN window and bind the attributes with that of the respective UI elements.

Click on the UI element -> Property -> value

Click on the Bind button near to that and select the attribute to be binded from the Pop up window.

Similarly bind all the attributes.

Step 11:

Click on the SUBMIT button -> Property -> Events -> On Action

Click on the create button and create the method for the particular button action.

Give proper name in the action and click on the tick mark to create.  

Similarly create for the EXIT button .

Step 12:

Go to methods in the MAIN window and click on WDDOINITand use the  below function module to get the pernr ( Employee Number )  from the userid  ( SY-UNAME ).  

Use Set attribute method to set the value to the Employee number field in the output screen.

Step 13:

Now go to methods and select ONACTIONSUBMIT method to write the code to update the user input data into the Infotype 105.

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