ALV Table with Business Graphics (WebDynpro for ABAP)

By Swarna Ramya R, Wipro 

In one of my Scenarios, I have to display the Employee details in a table with the Business Graphics. The Employee details contain the organization unit he is working, Percentage of Assignment, start date and end date. We can achieve this using the ALV. 


1. Create one Webdynpro Component with name ZWA_ALV_BUSINESS_GRAPH. 


2. Press Enter. 


3. In the Component Controller, Go to the Context Tab, Right Click the Context and Select Create à Node.


4. Give the Node Name as EMPLOYEE with Cardinality 0..n and Press  Enter. 


5. Create four Attributes inside that Node by Right Clicking the Employee and Select Create à Attribute. 

6. The Attributes are of the Following Type.

     ZZORGEH                - ORGEH

     ZZ_PER_ASSG        - ZZASSG

     BEGDA                    - SYDATUM

     ENDDA                    - SYDATUM 


7. Go to the View Context , Drag and Drop the Node EMPLOYEE to the View Context.


8. Then Right Click the Context and Select Create à Attribute. 


9. Give Attribute Name as EMP_NO with Type CHAR8 and Press Enter.  


10. In the Layout Tab of the View, Right click the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER and give Insert Element. It will open a Pop-Up for Creating an Element. 

11. Enter Label in the Name Field and Select Label in the Type Field and Press Enter.


12. Create another UI Element with INPUT in the Name Field and Select InputField in  the Type Field and Press Enter. 


13. In the Label Properties, Select INPUT from the Dropdown for the labelfor Field and Enter ‘Enter The Employee Number’ in the Text Field. 

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