Implementing Tabbed GUIBB in Floor Plan Manager

By B.Manoj Kumar

1 . Go to SE80 and Create a Web Dynpro Component say ‘YDEMO_TABBED_UIBB’.

2 . Give its default window name as ‘WIN_1’ and view as ‘VIEW_1’.


3 . Double click on component name and go to ‘Implemented Interfaces’ tab and enter


4 . Click Reimplement.


5 . Go to the view ‘VIEW_1’ and create a page header.


6 . Set the title of page header say ‘TAB-1’.


7 . Create a second view and give it a name say ‘VIEW_2’.


8 . In VIEW_2 , create a page header and set its title as ‘TAB-2’.

9 . Create third view and name it as ‘VIEW_3’.


10 . In VIEW_3 create a page header and set its title as ‘TAB-3’.

11 . Now, create a second window and name it as ‘WIN_2’.


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